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I'll give my life for wildlife. Animals have always been special to me ever since I was a little kid. P.S I'm a big kid. Free Spirited person who easily gets hyped up. I believe in dreaming big, soaring high and going for everything you love and believe in. Why? Cause it's worth a shot! Never Give Up. #yolo ~ If I can ask you a favor, don't judge me for what I say or do on the internet. Judge me by the actions I make in real life.
"I don't care if you're black, white, pink, yellow or blue. Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Whoever created the Teapot religion. Gay or Straight. We're all human." ☮ ✌

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...I guess i'm just in love with a memory...

Just a nice guy that loves animals., Wise man.
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Wise man.

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Inspiring Quotes, Inspiration Quotes, Inspiring Sayings

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If you can read this it means you're actually looking at my blog and taking an interest in the person I am. I'm 25 living in Brissy Australia! (Maaaate) I don't really have a label that defines me. I like all styles in some way or another. I don't have a favorite genre of music. All kinds of music is beautiful in their own way. I love being Nerdy sometimes. I love being free and wild crazy most of the time. I love Spiderman, Ninja-Turtles, Adventures, Hiking Camping, charrity work, encouraging people, I dream of one day falling in love with someone I would give my everything to and travelling the world with them. I would give up travelling the world if it meant I could be with the person I love though. ANYWAY... Single life ain't that bad. :) I've had my ups and my downs. I felt suicidal before, but never reached out to anyone. If It wasn't the fear of hurting those dearest to me I would of definitely done it, but I stuck around and i'm glad I did! I think over the last few years i've grown a lot. I know what it's like to be walked over and be used, but I say no more! I'm a really good guy with a big heart. It took me a long time to accept that without feeling cocky or something. I'm also a Vegan. I haven't been one for very long. Don't hate me for choosing what food I put in my mouth or not. I don't hate anyone else for it. I'm a gym nut. I wanna get in the best shape of my life!!! I'm scared of success because I worry that the people I always wanted to think I was worth it would finally notice me and then I would question their motives. BUT HEY... Sometimes you just gotta go for it. I've tried and failed and i'm sure I will over and over again. But that's life. I've had my heart broken once, but I guess in 2013 I did to. As much as I hate to admit it. I'm not always super open, but that's what's great about Tumblr 99.99999999% of you don't know me in real life. I'm training to be a Pro Wrestler to. I dreamed of getting into the WWE when I was younger, but now I think that's a bit beyond me with different ambitions under my belt. I don't want to die a failure though, I will never give up. I want to make a difference in the world, whether that happens when i'm young or old. That is my goal. I also want to be very rich, so I can do good for the less fortunate and help the people I love. And live it up to. I hate working. I wanna do something I enjoy! Or sit on my fat ass and avoid things I don't enjoy ahahah. I'm the most loyal person you could probably ever meet. I tend to sacrafice my own happiness for my friends and family. I suck at saying no. I'm too good for my own good. I'm starting to wonder why i'm typing this. BUT YOU'RE SPECIAL! Because you took time out of your day to pay an interest in me. That makes you awesome. Always pay attension to those that love you. Good Karma is a wonderful thing. I do volunteer work at the Royal Childrens Hospital in Brissy. I haven't been in Suchhhh a long time but i'm going back in 2014. I've also been doing Volunteer Fire Fighter training and i've always wanted to work at Australia Zoo. Still trying!

If I ever see you hurt an Animal I will run you over with my car Forty Seven times. Okay?

I run a mobile App company called FABLED APPS (Check it out on Facebook) I'm a security officer when working. Not forever though! I got bullied really badly in school so i'm totes against bullying. But i'm also very against racism and sexism. I believe we all deserve equal opportunity and we're all beautiful in our own way. No one's perfect but that doesn't mean you should kiss ass either lol. Don't let people walk over you. Fool you once shame on them, fool you twice shame on you. Something like that anyway.
P.S my fav color is Blue & my name is Brian. =)

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